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Contrary to what many believe, around the world there are numerous examples of people of African ancestry with naturally blue or green eyes. How does this happen?

More couples now meet online than off. But complaints about dating apps are rife. Do they really work? If so, how can daters learn to identify the best matches, and thereby increase their chances of finding the person they seek?

Are big lips considered cooler on white women than black? For centuries, blacks with fuller lips felt ashamed of theirs in a European culture which relegated the aesthetics of African beauty to a lower value.

With the proliferation of European beauty values everywhere from the hairdressing salon to Hollywood, dark skin and afro hair have been relegated to the margins. So what does it mean to be “black and beautiful” today?

Is President Donald Trump mentally unstable? Does he have a personality disorder? A group of eminent US psychiatrists say yes, despite having never examined him personally. Are they being irresponsible?

After eight years in the White House, the legacy of the USA’s first African American president is still being debated and defined. Were the media’s portrayals of him and his achievements accurate, or did they get it wrong?









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