Barack & Michelle Obama: Information & Facts About Their Genealogy & Background:

NOWHERE IS AMERICA'S MELTING pot more illustrated than in the genealogy and ethnicity of ex-US president Barack Obama and wife Michelle, both of whom possess mixed ancestry. By Ben Arogundade. [Aug.02.2016]

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BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN, HISPANIC. Binary racial descriptions such as these are becoming increasingly problematic within the rapidly shifting ethnic diversity of America. While these descriptives are still very much the norm in terms of how citizens are identified within society, and how many of them also self-identify, nevertheless, the reality of 21st century ancestry and genealogy is becoming more kaleidoscopic. In the 2000 US census approximately seven million citizens — 2.4 per cent of the population — identified themselves as belonging to more than one ethnic or racial group. Simultaneously, one in seven U.S. marriages in 2008 and 2009 was between people of different races or ethnicities, according to new data from the Pew Research Center. Meanwhile, in 2012, according to the Census Bureau, just under half of all children under five born in America were non-white.

Simultaneously, science, via DNA testing, is adding another layer to the complexities of heritage and genealogy. A swab of saliva taken from the inside of someone's cheek can reveal detailed truths about ancestry that family trees and manual ancestral detective work can never do, revealing the fact that under the skin we are all “mixed race”.

No two people epitomise the ethnic complexity of modern America than US president Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle. He is of African and European ancestry, stretching from Kenya to Ireland, while his wife is a mix of African, European and Native American heritage.

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ETHNIC DIVERSITY IN POWER: US President Barack Obama kisses his wife Michelle, Washington DC, September 09, 2009. The couple epitomise the ethnic and racial kaleidoscope that is increasingly defining the demographic of the country.

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TWO FAMILIES: The facts and information about the background of Barack and Michelle Obama tell the story of America's diverse racial history: From the top; Barack Obama's late mother Ann Dunham with two-year-old Barack; Obama as a child; Michelle Obama as a baby (above right), together with her parents Fraser and Marian, and brother Craig.

From Slavery To The White House In Five Generations.

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New Barack Obama book - 101 Best Covers - The Story Of His Presidency & Legacy In Photos, Images & Comment