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New Portrait Painting by Malgosia Stepnik

This new portrait of Ben Arogundade was painted by renowned Polish-born artist Malgosia Stepnik. Her uniquely vibrant and colourful style, which she describes as an “energy explosion” was meticulously applied to a photograph of Arogundade’s face. Discover more about Stepnik’s work here.

New mixed media portrait painting of Ben Arogundade by artist Malgosia Stepnik.
Charles Darwin's Origin Of Species, Voiced by Ben Arogundade

On The Origin Of Species, by Charles Darwin, narrated by Ben Arogundade

Ben Arogundade was recently chosen to narrate Charles Darwin’s controversial 1859 text as part of publisher Penguin Classics audio series, alongside some of the UK’s best-known actors and writers, including Andrew Scott, David Harewood, Emilia Fox and Jeanette Winterson. The assignment was challenging — the 428-page tome took 40 hours to record, is written in nineteenth-century English and is full of specialised words such as ‘ichneumonidae’ (a variety of wasp). 

Many regard Darwin’s visionary theories as opposite to the creationist’s view that God created all life on Earth, but within the text Darwin actually references “the Creator” several times, seeming comfortable with the idea that God was the catalyst for his theories of natural selection and sexual selection. Darwin was also a complex figure whom, despite his forward-thinking approach to life, was a man of his era, in referring to non-whites as “savages”. What would he say now that, 160 years after publication, one of these so-called savages was reading his work for digital release?

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